Antica Ltd.

Others set a standard.  Antica raises it.

Private Events Created & Managed to Perfection.
Dinner Party

The Eventful Story 

Antica is different.

 We have been honoured to create private events for our clients. In over 20 years no two events have ever been the same.

Creating and managing an event is all about the meticulous attention to detail and being three steps ahead of everyone else.

Every client receives unobtrusive, personal attention from outset to completion. We pride ourselves on knowing what would work for you and designing  the event around your aspirations & criteria. Our ability to design and personalise your event within the perfect & carefully chosen setting is key to Antica's unique service.

We think outside the box. 

Years of experience in finding an idyllic venue is another strength we play to. Whether it is a private home in rural England or a Castello in Italy. We have a little black book of properties to tempt you if you don't already know where you want to be.

Whether is a corporate or private event - we would be happy to meet with you to discuss all the possibilities. 

You won't find endless images of our clients & their events on our website - we believe that private events should stay private. Our clients find us via recommendation and not because we blow our own trumpet. 

After an event we try to make sure nothing goes to waste - from taking food to local homeless shelters to recycling everything possible. Indulgence doesn't have to cost the earth.